Monday, August 10, 2015

Leadership and Organization Building

Why watch?
For a hilarious dialogue from a "leader" about building a team of rogues

For whom? 
All grades, but specially for a Grade 9+ audience.


In the popular Hindi movie, "Wanted (2009)", Salman Khan plays an undercover cop who demolishes the villain's (played by Prakash Raj) organization. In this climax scene, the villain is the last man standing after the hero eliminates all his men. In a hilarious dialogue, the villain talks about the pains of developing a great team. He even makes a comparison between his team and the cops by saying that it takes far more to train and maintain a team of rogues than it takes to make a cop.

Learning Discussion Points: 
  1. Building a team
  2. Protecting your team from outside attack
  3. "Kill your organization": Ask the group to make "plots" to kill their organization. After the sharing of viewpoints, ask the group to counter these "plots" to save their organization.

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